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Small Animal Dentistry

Small Animal Dentistry

Cleaning and Polishing
Small animal dentistry has evolved significantly over the years, and so has our approach to treatment. Tartar buildup and other oral concerns can have a negative effect on your pet's overall health and life expectancy. While preventing buildup is the best approach, Especially Pets, LLC offers the following cleaning:
Anesthetized Cleaning - A thorough cleaning is performed with an ultrasonic scaler, followed by polishing. A complete oral exam is performed including measurement of gingival pockets and recession.
Especially Pets LLC performs extractions when necessary and is equipped for the following:
Simple elevation and extraction Using an elevator to loosen tooth
Multi-root tooth extraction Reducing the tooth to single roots using a high speed cutting burr handpiece
Surgical extraction Creating a gingival flap to expose the bone around the tooth, reducing that bone with a high speed round burr handpiece to expose the roots, root elevation and extraction, smoothing of the remaining bone to eliminate sharp points, followed by surgical closure.
Crown amputation Using a high speed cutting burr handpiece to remove the crown and a round burr to smooth the remaining bone.
If desired, Especially Pets, LLC is happy to provide a referral to a Dental Specialist for advanced treatments such as root canal, vital pulpotimy or tooth restoration.

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